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About Coulee Creative



We’re a creative agency with an expertise in crafting custom solutions.


PLEASE DON’T HIRE US if you need to execute a dead task. We are a bunch of incorrigibly curious, “why not” people who are crazy about Website Development and Web Marketing. From designers, engineers, SEO managers, social media experts and strategists, to our dreamer cook, we don’t care what the nature of the problem is–– the end result is – it’s solved.

Our mission statement, corporate mantra, creative compass—call it what you will—can be summed up in two words: Problem Solved.

The world-as-we-know-it is changing drastically with disruptions in every aspect of life and business. Almost overnight. Earlier, if businesses did not innovate, we simply grew at a slower pace. Today if we do not innovate, we can die. Earlier, consumer satisfaction was enough to ensure loyalty. Today, if we do not convert consumers to passionate fans, we cannot retain them. Earlier, we could make annual business plans and our assumptions would largely remain unchanged by the end of the year. Today, new competitors and category disruption is the order of the day.
To lead at the speed of change, we need to do different. At EQ, we believe in Human Centric Business Design - a user adaptive approach that maximizes emerging opportunities and keeps businesses ahead of the curve.




What we do.





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Helping your brand find
its voice and standout online.

Strategy & Story

Beauty and brawn only get you so far.

The right message engages your audience, sets your brand apart and helps you achieve your goals. We’re experts in crafting websites that drive results, have personality and are beautifully designed.  We work with you, solving existing problems, uncovering new opportunities and helping you tell your story in a way that’s authentic.

Web & Graphic Design

More than just making things look prrrty.

Great design is more than just aesthetics.  It can change the way we feel about a company and the products and services they offer. We employ thoughtful design to create a meaningful experience for your brand.

Web Development

The stuff you don't notice until it doesn't work.

Today, search engines are on ‘Team User,’ focusing more on quality, useful content and the experience your website provides for its users. And with Google changing its search algorithms up to 600 times every year and considering hundreds of ranking factors (both on and off-site) when evaluating a website, you’ll want to make sure eyes are on your SEO at all times. We were founded on SEO more than 07 years ago, so you’re in good hands with us.

Video & Photography

Say cheese!

With more than 74% of all online adults using social networking sites, if you want to reach your customers on a human level, you have to join the party. Developing a targeted social media marketing strategy for your business will exponentially boost brand awareness and allow you to connect with and build relationships with the people who matter most to your business. At Mainstreethost, we’ve set up and maintained thousands of social media accounts, and are fully equipped to get you set up with a stellar social presence, too.



The Awards

Awards and Honours


EQ Solutions is an award winning digital marketing, media agency in India. We provide digitally led solutions to top Indian brands helping them to connect with customers and community.

Our Trophy Cabinet

We’ve won a bunch of awards thanks to the hard work of our team and the amazing clients we work with.


Jared Chelf

As an innovative digital marketing company, our sole existence is based on our bright team of crazy, out of the box thinking, smart and intuitive marketers.


Melissa Chelf

We harness the power of creativity & strategy, seamlessly interweaving the two to deliver robust, award-winning digital stories.